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Pure and original ecology, natural and zero addition.

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Gui Tianxia tea, is loyal to the organic concept of the original ecology and start its development subject of whole industrial chain in Guizhou Province, where is no industrial zone in the last part of China. The plateau of more than 1200 meters above sea level, is high quality ecosystem, and provides the nutritious fertile soil for tea. The pleasant and clean air transport pure and fresh natural nutrients for tea. The Miao folk songs, far from away the hustle, and nurture the natural spirituality of tea with the sound of nature. 100% of the pesticide-free organic fertilizers from Miao Township on the plateau, kept the tea from the root of pollution. From growing, picking up to burning, the production about the tea of “Gui Tianxia” is strict in each step, which is only to meet for the organic standard of “Original ecology, zero addition” so that it can create pure natural, healthy and high consumption quality of tea.