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Gui Tianxia” and “Duyun Maojian Tea

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Since ancient times, as a kind of limited “Special treasure” of tribute tea, its buds of tea are derived from the golden zone on the 30 degrees north latitude line with an average altitude of 1200 meters, located on the highest point of Chinese green tea. Bud leaves tight and curled, pekoe is spread on leaves, uniform, green and moisturized, pure and free of pollutants, each leaf is selected carefully from the most ancient tree, at the same time, Maojian tea that was sent to Chairman Mao many years ago also was picked up from the ancient tree. The hand fried of the top ten tea frying master, make the nutrition and taste best. Through the particular sensory evaluation, strict physical and chemical index testing and harsh requirements of expert groups, and finally, 1 kilo special treasures can be picked up from 4 kilo of treasures. First, observing color of tea soup, it shows clear and transparent. Besides, enjoy its lasting fragrance, and feel its fresh and sweet taste without a little impurity.