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    GTX TEA officially enter the African market

    Recently, Guizhou Guitianxia Tea Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as guitianxia group) led Guizhou tea into the African Algerian market, which is a big step for Guizhou tea to take root in the African market.

    Algeria is located in the northwest of Africa. The combination of desert and ocean forms a unique Mediterranean and tropical desert climate. It is characterized by hot and dry. In addition, the local people mainly eat meat and lack vegetables. They need to get rid of greasy food and quench their thirst. Green tea is the best choice.

  • 11

    GTX in Morocco

    As a major tea producing province in China, Guizhou green tea has the characteristics of long-lasting chestnut aroma, mellow taste, green color, yellow green and bright soup color, fresh and even leaf bottom by virtue of its unique geographical environment and suitable climate. After fully investigating the taste characteristics of Moroccan customers, guitianxia tea group has developed green tea that retains Guizhou flavor and integrates Moroccan local characteristics. Once the product is launched, the taste is highly praised by Moroccan locals.